ISO 17025

What is ISO 17025? 

ISO 17025, or specifically, ISO/IEC 17025:2005 is an international Management Standard that defines the general requirement for the competence of testing and calibration laboratories.  It covers testing and calibration performed using standard and non-standard methods as well as laboratory-developed methods.  It is applicable to organizations that perform tests and/or calibrations whether it is a first-, second-, or third-party laboratory.  Like ISO 9001, when the laboratory does not perform design and development, that portion of the standard can be excluded from the scope of the certification.

ISO 17025 Certification Requirements  

This Management System guides organizations to define a scope of their system and business processes. ISO 17025 certification requirements include:

  • defining a policy and objectives,
  • defining, streamlining and documenting of all core processes that are necessary to show conformity to the standard,
  • communicating the policy and objectives throughout the organization,
  • defining the responsibilities of senior management,
  • objective evidence to show continual improvement, and
  • communication with the customer.

Benefits of Getting ISO 17025 Certified 

  • improved efficiency and effectiveness,
  • Acceptance by suppliers and regulatory agencies,
  • improved supplier performance,
  • increased revenue, and
  • improved employee commitment.

ISO 17025 Implementation Process

Depending on the size and scope of your organization, setting up & implementing ISO 17025 can take some time to properly implement and complete. Listed below are the steps that our ISO 17025 consultants will follow in order to prepare your organization for successful ISO registration:

  • Core management team training,
  • Manual preparation – define scope, policy and interaction of business processes,
  • Draft core processes necessary to show conformance to the standard,
  • Draft supporting procedures needed to support your processes,
  • Ensure that all necessary records are identified, created, and implemented,
  • Conduct a full system Internal Audit, and
  • Assist in conducting first Management Review.

For more information on ISO 17025 consulting contact the consultants at GlenView Group.

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