Institute of Recycling Industries (ISRI) Conference

Vancouver, Canada

April 21-25, 2015 we attended 2015 Institute of Recycling Industries (ISRI) Conference in Vancouver, Canada. The week was full of great information sessions about the trends in scrap and recycling industries. Friday, April 24thwe attended four sessions focusing on new trends in electronics recycling practices and legal and other requirements as well as RIOS and R2 Certification. GlenView Group, Inc. is excited to continue our involvement with ISRI and RISO including RIOS and R2 consulting and training. Furthermore, we are excited to monitor new developments from the Basel Convention as it relates to the transboundry trade of e-scrap. One of the many questions was related the Basel Convention’s Ban Amendment. Is it possible for the Basel Convention to move toward certification-centric trade governance instead of current developed-to-developing country trade monitoring and would this be more in line with the scrap industry perspective? In other words, would the policy be more effective and environmentally and socially responsible to focus on certifications such as R2 and RIOS to identify capable and responsible recyclers instead of assuming recycling capabilities based on the differences between developed and developing countries? The question is yet to be fully answered, and GlenView Group, Inc. is excited to monitor policy developments and assist the industry, original equipment manufacturers and governments in promoting responsible recycling worldwide.

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