Understanding the Significance of e-Stewards Certification and Business Management System

The e-Stewards standard was initiated by leaders in the electronics recycling and refurbishing industry with a goal to guide businesses in design and implementation of procedures and policies keeping environmental, health and safety (EHS) in mind. The e-Stewards Standard uses ISO 14001:2004 as a foundation and builds on it adding detailed guidance for electronics recyclers.  While e-Stewards is similar to Responsible Recycling (R2) Standard, it includes firm requirements related to downstream vendor traceability and audits, waste stream testing, qualifications for compliance auditors, and mass balance tracking.

Why e-Stewards Certification is Important for Your Business

e-Stewards was designed to help businesses reduce negative impact on the environment and human health and safety by improving their processes. Along with EHS policies and procedures, e-Stewards guides organization in development of downstream vendor management and data security procedures. Both of these key elements are important in helping electronics recyclers improve and expand their position in the marketplace.

What are the e-Stewards Certification Requirements?

Requirements of e-Stewards Standard include:

  • Defining an environmental, health and safety policy and objectives of the EHS management system,
  • Creating and implementing procedure for identifying and reviewing environmental aspects and health and safety risks,
  • Developing and implementing procedures for downstream vendor,management, data security, and a closure plan with financial assurance in place,
  • Compliance with all legal, regulatory and other requirements,
  • Defining, streamlining,and documenting of all core processes,
  • Communicating the policy and objectives of the EHS throughout the organization,
  • Tracking the performance of the established management system, and,
  • Implementing corrective action and internal auditing procedures to ensure continual improvement.

Benefits of becoming e-Stewards Certified

  • Reducing environmental, health and safety impacts,
  • Improving data security,
  • Improving downstream vendor management,
  • Increasing competitiveness,
  • Improving the image of the organization,
  • Reducing cost by implementing preventive measures including the cost related to potential compliance issues, and,
  • Improved preparedness and compliance during regulatory agency and customer audits.

How GlenView Group, Inc. Can Help You Obtain e-Stewards Certification?

GlenView Group, Inc. was one of the first consulting companies trained in the new released version of e-Steward standard. Our e-Steward consultants have 20+ years of combined experience in the electronic recycling and refurbishing industry. We have certified lead e-Steward auditorsas part of our team. GlenView Group, Inc. prides itself by being able to interpret, design, and implement e-Steward business management system keeping business goals in mind. By doing so, GlenView Group consultants can help you maximize business growth at the same time design marketing plan utilizing e-Stewards certification. Finally, GlenView Group, Inc. can help you with up-keep of the newly established e-Stewards business management system, thus, ensuring success during your surveillance and re-certification audits.

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