AS 9100C Training

Aerospace industry simply can’t afford mistakes. A single mistake or smallest failure of products/services can have deadly consequences in this industry. That’s the reason why reliability and quality remain the most important concerns and critical aspects of this industry. It’s, therefore, important to ensure that the quality management system is working efficiently and is capable of helping reduce the risks and provide the organizations with a reliable framework to offer a product/service. It was the endeavor to bring about a single and dependable quality management system that brought about AS9100 and other standard in this series.

Understanding AS9100 Standards

The AS9100 standards refer to a series of specific standards that are based upon ISO 9001 standards. The AS9100 standards were developed by the IAQG (International Aerospace Quality Group) to ensure consistency and to address the safety, reliability and regularity requirements of aerospace industry

Why AS9100 is Necessary for Your Organization?

AS9100 series of standards is meant for organizations that are operational in the aerospace sector (right from the design segment to manufacture and maintenance or distribution).

AS9100 Certification Requirements

There are mainly two options available:

  • Option 1: ISO auditor training course, and AS9100 training and foundation course must be completed successfully
  • Option 2:  Successful completion of AS9100 internal auditor training and AS9100 lead auditor training courses

Benefits of getting AS9100 certified

If an organization can achieve AS9100 certification, it:

  • Demonstrates the consistent approach to the accepted standards in aerospace industry
  • Provides a strong evidence that the exact requirements of the aerospace sector are being met by your management system
  • Ensures that the OASIS database is included, thereby rendering a benchmark for the certified companies in this sector
  • The AS9100 certification strengthens your candidature for trade license
  • Promotes international sales and growth
  • Possible reduction in 2nd party system audits
  • Risk management – the achievement of this certification ensures that the organization complies with a system that is supported by the regulatory authorities for helping in mitigation of risks
  • Enhanced brand reputation, as the certification implies that the organization adheres to globally accepted standards of quality
  • Reduced waste, as it helps improve processes and eliminate variation in quality
  • Better market opportunities
  • Continual improvement within the organization is ensured

Contact Glenview Group for Consultation and AS9100 Training Needs

We have a team of experts in AS9100 standard who can provide AS9100 lead auditor training and AS9100 internal auditor training. We extend our expertise in AS9100 training and assessment plus a large network of in-house, public and e-learning courses to teach and train you on the skills that are mandatory in order to achieve the certification and maintain it. Call us for more information.

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